Repair / Resurface

Houston experts are here to help…

Most people are not aware of the repairs or maintenance requirements of their chimney and fireplace. We can help you determine the fireplace and chimney condition. We will be able to repair most of the common and uncommon chimney issues. Our rates are very competitive. We use Only! the best quality materials and use “Chimney Saver” as our supplier for most common repairs.

We offer the following repairs:

  • Cracks and seal inside the firebox.
  • Replacement of Refactory fireplace walls.
  • High temp Fireplace re-coating.
  • Chimney damper repairs and replacements.
  • Gas or wood burners rust treatment/ repairs/ replacement.
  • Baseplate cracks and mortar repairs
  • Masonry repairs.
  • Chimney cap repair.
  • Rain pan and chase repairs and re-coating.
  • Water Repellent.